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Programs include: Building Strength, Improving Balance and Core, & Combating Osteoporosis.

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Programs include: Power Plate In-Person Training and Power Plate Training Online to use you own Plate

Great Bones will help you reach Your Happiest Healthy

Welcome to Great bones.  Thanks for stopping by.  What is there in your life that makes you ecstatic?  Is there something you love to do that brings you great joy? Are you still enjoying the activity that makes you very happy?

At Great Bones we are passionate about helping our clients find their Happiest Healthy. What does that mean? We all come in different shapes and sizes. The goals I have for my body may be completely different than the goals you have for yours. We sit down with each client individually and discuss your goals and determine if we are a good fit. If we are, we will set you up in a program that is custom tailored to meet your needs and achieve your goals. 

  What keeps you from enjoying your Happiest Healthy?   

Learn about Everyday Strength

Stop and think about activities that you no longer participate in, what are they?  Most of us have sports that we really enjoyed up until a few years ago.  For me the knees became the excuse why I could not do many of the things I used to really enjoy.  Long walks, hiking through the forest, long bike rides.  I have all those things back in my life because I have taken the opportunity to do the exercise that has strengthened the muscles responsible for supporting my knees.

What activities did you come up with?  What would you do today, if you had everyday strength to accomplish what gives you pleasure? 

Has your doctor mentioned Sarcopenia? Do you know what Sarcopenia is?  Your doctor is saying you are losing muscle.  Losing muscle can literally be a pain.  Everyone benefits by having everyday strength. 

Maybe you are like our client Nancy:   

Nancy began working with us after hearing about once a week workouts. She was convinced it was too good to be true but she was up for trying something new. Nancy had never stuck to any workout plan before. She loves walking her two dogs, but she could feel herself getting weak.

Nancy didn’t change her diet and began seeing results almost immediately.  One afternoon she was moving some boxes in her attic and noticed her core was stronger! She had been timing her morning walks with her dogs as a habit. After a couple months of once a week sessions she noticed she was walking faster with less effort. Her mile times just kept getting shorter!

At Great Bones we specialize in building programs that make you stronger for everyday life.  Looking for further information, click on the links in the text above. 

Find out about Healthy Bones

When I first met Lorraine, she was in pain. Not only because her back was physically broken from osteoporosis, she also lost her will to fight for her health. Doctors had even told her if she fell and broke a bone, she would probably die. Our first meeting was full of tears and building trust in one another. Together we made a plan.

Today Lorraine laughs during every session, and loves how she feels. She is working in her yard, helped build a deck & fence, and is even learning how to ride a bicycle again. Every time we see her husband he says “She has hope again.”

We at Great Bones don’t care about how much you weigh, how much you can lift, or when you exercised last. We give people their lives back. If you want your life back, we’d love to help.

Osteoporosis and Osteopenia are helped by strength building exercises.  I encourage you to take a few minutes now to schedule a time you can stop into our office and learn about the Great Bones program. 

Now is the time to schedule your complimentary assessment. 

Take a few minutes to change your life.  Let Great Bones help you reach your happiest healthy.