Our Passion

Welcome to Great Bones. We are a family owned and operated personal training business. But that is not what defines us. We love people, fitness, and it is our goal to stay healthy and active to enjoy the Pacific Northwest. We use bioDensity, and Power Plate to help us achieve that goal personally, and for our clients. Ultimately, we love sharing our knowledge with others and guiding them to their Happiest Healthy.

We love learning something new every day to help ourselves and our clients reach their Happiest Healthy.

What is Happiest Healthy? Have you ever seen the tabloid ads of how to get 6-pack abs and fit, toned legs in only 6 easy steps? Have you wondered if it is so easy, why don’t I look like the models on the front of these magazines? Sorry to burst your bubble - it’s not that easy! Yes, you can starve yourself to your ideal weight… but have you ever lost weight just to gain it back again?

At Great Bones our passion is to teach simple steps to live strong, healthy lives that are sustainable for a lifetime. It’s OK if your goal isn’t to be America’s next top model. Working to be better versions of ourselves every day will get us to our goals faster than we expect. More importantly, we are making life long changes which keep us happy and healthy doing what we love. 

Our Family loves being outdoors. We love food, music and friends. We aren’t going to give up on experiencing life in order to look like movie actors or actresses. Although, as you may know, the more you move, the longer you’ll live. I’ll say it one more time…

The more you move, the longer you’ll live. 

Great Bones is here to help our clients move more, with less pain, using one of our many programs.

We offer Personal Training, Power Classes (small group Power Plate classes), and Bone Building Strength Training for our Osteoporosis clients. 

Stop by for a free consultation and let's chat about your Happiest Healthy. You never know, it might be the first step towards the body of your dreams, or maybe a start to an awesome friendship with our family. Either way, we look forward to hearing from you.