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Power Plate Exercises – Chest and Arms

This page is dedicated to building a list of Power Plate exercises for strengthening your chest and arms. As you probably know, it is challenging to isolate the chest without recruiting other muscle groups, more specifically, the arms. Therefore, this page includes both!

As a guy, I’ve always enjoyed working my chest and arms. It is a portion of the body that I like to see results. Using the Power Plate has allowed me to become even more creative in figuring out more ways to work my chest and arms with only my body weight or minimal tools.

For my female clients, they want to keep the arms toned and stay away from the dreaded second wave. The following exercises will definitely help with tightening the backs of the arms. It will also increase strength for sports, hobbies and everyday activities.


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Body Weight Exercises


Variations include: static push-up, dynamic push-ups & plank to push-up and back to plank

Medicine Ball Push-Up

Tricep Dip

Variations include: static Hold, dynamic dips, moving feet further from plate & one leg dips

Power Plate Straps

Bicep Curl off Power Plate

Bicep Curl on Power Plate

With Resistance Bands

The Power Plate Pro5 does not come with resistance bands. We added the bands to add some variety to our exercises keep the body guessing in order to build more strength.

Bicep Curl with Resistance Band

Tricep Extension with Resistance Band

Chest Press with Resistance Band

Chest Fly with Resistance Band