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Power Plate Exercises - Back & Shoulders

This page is dedicated to building a list of Power Plate exercises for strengthening your back and shoulders. As you probably know, it is difficult not to involve a large number of surrounding muscles with strengthening your back. But I’ll do my best to show some exercises that really will improve overall back strength. Additionally, shoulders can be challenging to isolate. That is why I’ve combined these muscle groups for the purposes of this page.

The back is a critical group of muscles as it pertains to posture, balance, and power when playing sports or having fun. I love bouldering and dragon boat racing. Both are full body sports, but the back and shoulders play a critical role in my performance. If you have any input on how to modify the below exercises to add another level of difficulty, please share!

If you happen to not see an exercise here you know involves back muscles, check out my Core strength training page. There is a lot of overlap between the back and the core and I may have filed exercises you think should be here, under that group.

Power Plate Strap Exercises

The Power Plate Pro5 comes with hand straps that are great for isometric exercises. Below are a few I do with my clients.

Shoulder Press with Power Plate Strap

Static Row with Power Plate Straps

Static Row on Power Plate with Straps

Static Underhand Row with Power Plate Straps

Static Shoulder Raise with Power Plate Straps

With Resistance Bands

The Power Plate Pro5 does not come with resistance bands. We added the bands to add some variety to our exercises and better pin point muscles we felt were lacking attention. Please Note: begin resistance band training either with a trainer or with light resistance. Focus on form before weight. 

Resistance Band Shoulder Raise on Power Plate

Resistance Band Shoulder Press Across Body

Resistance Band Row Standing on Power Plate

Resistance Band Row with Lunge on Power Plate