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Power Plate Exercises for your Core!

This page is dedicated to building a list of Power Plate exercises for strengthening your core. As you probably know, it is challenging to isolate the core without recruiting other muscle groups. It may even be impossible when using the Power Plate. So I will do my best to share some exercises I do with my clients that are known to strengthen the core muscles.

The core is a trendy word that I’ve heard in the fitness industry for years. There are a number of exercise disciplines that make the claim they strengthen the core. And I agree with them, they probably do. This page is for those who want to grab those same muscles with the added benefit of whole body vibration. These exercises in no way take away from those other exercise disciplines. In fact, I hope these exercises complement any exercise or sport you are doing away from your Power Plate training.

Core strength is critical in everything we do. I would even hazard to say that all of our movements in our daily lives are generated from our core.  

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Body Weight Exercises

Warrior 3 Pose on Power Plate

Bird Dog (Cross Crawl) on Power Plate

Plank on Power Plate

Variations include: leg lift, point foot to either side & plank to push-up

Side Plank on Power Plate

Variations include: thread the needle & side dips/push-ups

V-Sit on Power Plate

Variations include: bicycle, knees to chest, ball between knees or ball between ankles & medicine ball rotation

Reverse V-Sit

Variations include: alternate reaching for toes & medicine ball rotation

Resistance Band & Medicine Ball Exercises

The Power Plate Pro5 does not come with resistance bands. We added the bands to add some variety to our exercises and better pin point muscles we felt were lacking attention.

Ab Rotation with Resistance Band

Ab Rotation with Arm Extension with Resistance Band

Medicine Ball Bounce

Medicine Ball Figure 8's