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Power Plate Exercises - Legs

Legs are critical for just about every sport. Leg strength adds to our ability to move, walk and even stand up. Power Plate exercises add an element to leg exercises that you cannot gain by doing traditional exercises on the ground.

When I am talking about legs I am including the gluteus muscles. Humans have a large gluteus muscle which allows us to stand vertically on two legs. Together, the gluteus muscles and leg muscles keep us moving!

This page is dedicated to building a list of Power Plate exercises that help strengthen the legs for all types of activities. Whether you just want to stand up out of a chair without pushing off with your hands or want to build sprinting strength for the bicycle, these exercises can be modified to be used by anyone.


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Photos of Leg Exercises on Power Plate

Squat with Medicine Ball

Single Leg Squat

Step Up with Medicine Ball

Single Leg RDL

Lunge with Exercise Ball

Lunge with Bicep Curl