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Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the past 7 years. 
From the Rasmussen Family and Great Bones Team, THANK YOU!!!

Power Plate Exercises for Sports Performance

Become your best athlete! Use Power Plate Exercises to:

Hit Farther

Run Faster

Paddle Stronger

Climb Higher

Peddle Smoother

Learn how 30 minutes a week can improve:

Dragon Boat Racing

"My work is extremely physical, so working out at Great Bones makes it possible for me to have the energy and strength to commit to an intense sport such as dragonboat racing.  It has helped me to learn to focus in on the proper and efficient use of the muscles needed to excel and prevent injuries."

Bouldering and Rock Climbing

“I can’t believe just 30 minutes a week has helped my forearms and back become less sore and more reliable on the wall.”


“Power Plate is a fast and effective strength workout and I like it before a round of golf because it helps me be loose and flexible.”


“After just six sessions my cycling has dramatically improved and I’m cycling faster than I have in years.”

Snowboarding & Skiing

“It could be just me but I’m sure my knees were more solid on the slopes this year after using the bioDensity and Power Plate once a week.”

Walking, Jogging, Running & Hiking!

“Before I started working with Great Bones I walked an average of 22 minutes a mile. After 6 weeks of training I realized I was walking 20 minute miles and even 19 minute miles. After 12 weeks I was walking sub 18 minute miles and could easily push myself to walk 16 minute miles when I wanted.”

Hit a Strength Training Plateau?

Just 30 minutes a week with a Great Bones Strength Trainer will have you lifting more weight in your own workouts.

“After just a few sessions I was able to lift more weight during my shoulder press than I have ever before”