Great Bones is Permanently Closed.
Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the past 7 years. 
From the Rasmussen Family and Great Bones Team, THANK YOU!!!

About Great Bones

Great Bones is a family owned and operated company. This page is dedicated to introducing you to our family. 

Mission Statement
Inspiring a lifetime of strength, balance and bone density.

Art (Dad):

Art’s passion is movement without pain. Having two knees that over the years have caused him pain and challenged him to keep moving, he has made his Happiest Healthy to keep that pain at bay with cycling, Power Plate strength training and being Martin’s guinea pig for new stretches, exercises, and movement routines. He specializes in listening to his clients and finding the root to their cause of pain and building a program that will help reduce that discomfort. Ultimately Art does this for his clients and himself because he loves riding his bike. During the summer when the sun is out, he’s imagining he’s on his Carbon Fiber Trek bicycle or daydreaming of the trike he will ride across the Country. If you run into Art, let him know if you’re a cyclist, you’ll never run out of things to talk about.

Phyllis (Mom):

Phyllis’ passion is creating a safe space for people who haven’t experienced exercise or are afraid of traditional fitness to become familiar with the benefits of strength training. She has a knack for making people feel comfortable around exercise. Phyllis has also personally dealt with pain and more than 8 years ago had a hip replacement. She has made her Happiest Healthy to keep her body as strong and agile as possible to also ride across the Country with her husband Art. Family is all important to Phyllis and she loves talking about her escapades with her granddaughter. If you ever have wondered how exercise can be considered fun and safe for all to enjoy, Phyllis is just the trainer for you.


Martin (Son):

Martin’s passion is learning, science, and sharing with others how to find their Happiest Healthy. He loves how the body feels when it is strong and he’s able to enjoy his hobbies which include: golf, dragon boat racing, cycling, hiking and kickball. Martin is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and is a Power Plate Master Trainer. He loves sharing with his parents all he learns through his continuing education. Martin’s Happiest Healthy is to keep doing the hobbies he loves while keeping his body in shape. He loves using Power Plate and bioDensity because they provide a quick workout that is minimal time commitment which gives him more time to play. If you love to play and understand strength is required to play at a peak level, talk to Martin, he will probably have some insight on which exercises will help you reach your next hobby related fitness goal.