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bioDensity™ Your Key to Stronger Bones

It is true that the bioDensity™ machine is the key to stronger bones.  We can even go so far as to say that in many cases it will reverse Osteoporosis.  Throughout the pages of this site you will see this name show up as being the core of the Great Bones system.  It seems that an explanation of what is accomplished by this workout is in order.

We are all familiar with the current resistance training that has been available to us for as long as any of us can remember.  Go to a Gym and you can do resistance training with free weights.  You pick up a weight that you can safely do ten to fifteen repetitions. Let’s say you use a barbell, you lay down on a bench.  Now you take that weighted barbell and lift it off the stand, bring it down to your chest, then lift it with your arms to full extension.  Did you notice how each time you lift, it becomes harder to get the weight to move away from your chest?  Once you get it moving away it gets much easier as you start to reach full extension.  How much weight did you lift? Fifty pounds, a hundred pounds, or maybe even your own body weight?  Did you have spotters so that you did not risk dropping the weight on yourself?  Statistics between the years of 1992 and 2007 showed that nearly one million of us ended up in hospital emergency rooms from injuries using conventional resistance equipment.

That brings us to the bioDensity machine.  What is so different about this piece of equipment?  The first thing is that in the example above the person doing the exercise is loading their body by picking up weight.  That means that when your muscle has reached the limit of endurance you still have to put the weight down.  Unlike free weights the bioDensity load is self-induced.  This means that you control the amount of load being put on your body.  Because you self-load this is the safest way to impose impact level force on your muscles and thereby on your bones.  You can gently release the pressure on your body at any time you wish during the exercise.  You can and will over a short period of time begin to push loads many times your body weight. 

The really amazing part of this is that you will only perform these strength building exercises one time per week.  The exercise takes less than 10 minutes to complete.  There are just four exercises each taking 5 seconds to complete.  That may seem unrealistic to anyone that has spent hours each week in a Gym building all of their muscles.

Here is the difference.  Each week you are placed into the same exact position.  Your workout is recorded on a graph that shows the gains in strength over the previous twelve weeks. As the chart below shows sometimes up sometimes down in force output.  Often this depends on recovery, or as in the case below several weeks between workouts.  Vacations get in the way you know.

As the exercise is performed you watch a dial on the computer screen in front of you.  The screen shows what you were able to do the previous week and you are challenging yourself to beat last week’s record.  If you would like to see a more extensive video of the equipment follow this link.  Each of the four exercises works out one of the four major muscle groups in the body.  As you increase in force output each week you build muscle, in turn your muscle causes your bones to compress and flex.  This triggers the natural response to start building new bone cells.  The way I see this natural reaction is your muscles have become stronger than what your skeleton was able to easily handle so it says we better get busy and make stronger bones.  In simple terms this reaction to stimulate bone growth is what reverses Osteopenia and Osteoporosis.

Besides stronger bones there are many positive side effects.  You will have a stronger core with bioDensity.  A stronger core along with better balance, increased flexibility, reduced back and joint pain, will lead to a better quality of life.  Would you like to be able to walk easier, faster?  What about getting up out of a chair and just using your legs and not pushing up with your arms?  Walk up a set of stairs without worrying if you can make the next step?  Stronger, toned muscles will allow you to do all of these, and make all of your daily activities easier.  While not the fountain of youth, it can certainly reverse many of the internal signs of aging.

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