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Benefits of Whole Body Vibration and
the Power Plate system

We chose the Power Plate to use in the Great Bones system, as it is considered to be the best vibration plate on the market today.  This idea was first developed for the Russian space program. There is minimal gravitational force in space, muscles and bones are not stimulated to grow in space, as they are on earth.  You need gravity to cause impact on the bones and body.  

As a result, the Russian cosmonauts and American astronauts were forced to return to earth quickly. Once cosmonauts started using whole body vibration they were able to stay in space an average of 400 days, compared with only 130 days for American astronauts. The Soviets had discovered the secret to making gravity work for them.

Most vibration plates move in only one plane. The Power plate works by vibrating in all three planes: vertical, horizontal and front to back, at a very high rate (30 to 50 times per second) across very small distances.

When the it vibrates up and down, your muscle tone improves. Left to right and front to back movements improve your balance and coordination.  So the net result is a dramatic improvement in strength, flexibility, balance, tone and leannessIf you apply 30 Hertz (30 cycles per second) for 30 seconds, you are expanding and contracting your muscles a total of 900 times in just half a minute. 

Force=Mass x Acceleration

To see results you must stimulate your muscles, and bones. Each workout should be a challenge! To make it a challenge you have to increase the force output from your body. Sir Isaac Newton’s second law, Force=Mass x Acceleration comes into play here, to increase force you must increase mass, use heavier dumbbells, or acceleration.  Every time you use a heavier weight you’ve increased your force but your acceleration is unchanged. The vibration plate can change acceleration up to 6 G forces depending on the setting. 

Everything you do on it increases the force which in turn increases acceleration, eliminating the need for heavier and heavier weights.

“Acceleration Training™ on Power Plate® equipment offers a host of benefits, ranging from an immediate improvement in blood circulation, to a variety of other measurable outcomes: such as increased muscle strength and flexibility, improved range of motion, decreased cellulite, increased bone mineral density, reduced pain and soreness and faster recovery.”

The Great Bones System gives you the ultimate strength building workout.  You will increase bone density, strength, balance, and coordination.  The benefits work at any age, to reduce the chance of sarcopenia (muscle loss), Osteopenia, and Osteoporosis.  If you already have a diagnosis of one of these you can reverse these diseases by taking advantage of the Great Bones system. Make your appointment today for two free trial sessions.

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