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Strength Training for the Rest of Us

 When the term “strength training” is thrown around, often people visualize a muscle bound man in a tiny tank top throwing weights around and grunting. Resistance training is just another way of telling us to do exercises that build strength in the body. To accomplish this you must create resistance against the body’s existing musculature in order to stimulate growth. People with a body builder’s physic look that way because of genetics or muscle enhancing drugs. Very few of us have the genetics of Arnold Schwarzenegger and most of us will never be anywhere near that large.

As a byproduct, there are many benefits to strength training. Depending on the level of stimulus loaded on the body, muscles will be built and made stronger, bones can be stimulated to grow and remodel, daily activities can become easier and the body’s metabolism can increase.

 But, over 85% of the population will never workout in a gym. Most of us feel uncomfortable putting ourselves on display next to those who are in optimum physical shape.

Ultimately, I believe the key to a successful strength training regimen is to induce the greatest amount of stimulus, to gain the best results, in the shortest period of time.

You can call me lazy or just someone that doesn’t like going to the local gym to feel strong. So what is the most efficient, time effective means of building muscle, bone and ultimately reversing the internal signs of aging?

First, let’s define efficient. Strength training regimens vary from person to person and trainer to trainer. We’ve all heard “the more, the better.” Is that necessarily true?  Some trainers claim that their exercises are so intense your body needs an entire week to recover. Now I call that efficient. To only work out once a week to have strong muscles and bones, I’ll take it. But how intense does the exercise have to be. Do I need to be in the gym for 3 hours once a week? Am I going to cry before, during and after the workout? Will I be able to get out of bed the next morning? I personally have no desire to commit to such a workout. Now if it was only 20 minutes once a week, you’ve caught my attention again. What if it was less than 10 minutes once a week and I still get all the benefits of great bones, muscles and I feel stronger on a daily basis? And without sore muscles, I still get out of bed the next morning... Sign Me UP!

The next question! How do we determine how much a person can safely lift? The heavier the weight, the greater concern there is for injury.  If a joint or tendon is twisted during the lift, the injury can be crippling. Furthermore, heavy weights exclude those who are DE-conditioned physically and may already have brittle bones. Is there a safe way for everyone to lift enough weight to induce the stimulus on the body in such a short period of time?

Taking the above questions into consideration, the Great Bones System includes the bioDensity™ machine which safely loads the user with multiples of their own body weight. By producing a load on the body that isn’t created by dangerous heavy weights or awkward positions that may cause injury, you can exert enough force to reverse the internal signs of aging. Suppose you are younger.  You will benefit also.  Your sport of choice will become much easier as you add strength and power to your activities.