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 Strength Training benefits for Weight Loss

We all realize the importance of maintaining a healthy weight.  What we often fail to consider is that strength training benefits weight loss.  The two best ways to lose weight are through proper nutrition and a planned exercise program.

It seems that most of us have developed a real love affair with food.  There are those that see food as fuel.  The majority of us use food for comfort.  It is our go to in times of stress.  Food we buy in the store, at the restaurant, or the local fast food chain, is designed to make us want to eat more than we should.  That is called marketing.  Eat a normal portion, one cookie, finish the package because you can’t just stop at one, right? 

I am a perfect picture of the lose weight then gain back what you lost plus ten pounds.  I have done it over and over.  The picture above is me before and after.  I was 80 pounds overweight before starting this process.  Almost to my goal in the after photos.  What is different this time?

I never really concentrated on the exercise portion of weight loss.  This time I am reaping the benefits of a strength training program.  While fat is necessary to store energy, and performs many beneficial functions, too much is detrimental.  Pound for pound fat takes up more space than muscle.

Our bodies benefit from strength training

Muscle gives us definition, shape and strength to go about our daily activities.  Muscle burns from 50 to 70 calories per day, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.  By doing strength building activities you become a higher calorie burning individual. 

Why does strength training benefit weight loss?  It is fairly simple.  You want to lose weight so you eat less, and hopefully plan to eat the best foods.  You take the extra step to consult with a nutritionist.  You have 80 percent of the plan in place.  Now for the other 20 percent exercise is critical.  Strength training needs to be a part of your exercise plan.  Why?  As you reduce caloric intake your body is looking for places to get its nutrition.  Weight loss can cause loss of muscle mass.  Without proper nutrition and exercise the body may burn muscle for fuel and store fat for an emergency. 

Building muscle will not only cause you to look better, it will cause you to become a fat burning machine.  You lose about 10% of your muscle per ten years after thirty.  You may not notice this on a scale.  We tend to put on fat in place of the muscle lost.  Usually because of less exercise, and we don’t reduce the amount we eat.  The picture above is my son.  He has used the same program of exercise without the nutrition side of the equation.  He is showing the benefits of strength training.  His body mass index has reduced and his weight has remained the same.

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