Cutting Edge Technology for
Strength Training Runners

  • Strength training runners...                                                                                    
  • Should I strength train?  
  • I don't want to gain weight. 
  •  I want to run faster and the only way I can do that is by training on the road. 

Strength training benefits include reduced injuries.   Injury that takes time away from training.  The extra muscle that is built around your knees and hips, increases joint stability, protecting the areas that are most prone to repetitive stress injuries.

Running strength training is not the same as what we see the body builder doing.  Body builders are going to focus on one muscle at a time.  As a runner you want to train groups of muscles that all play into the motions of running.  Running is a one leg sport.  By that I mean each leg hits the ground separately.  As the right leg reaches out, the right shoulder rotates back and the left shoulder comes forward.  And right in the middle the core is working to balance the whole body.

With that picture in mind, how important are the core muscles to running?   If I want to run faster I have to take into consideration:

running speed = stride length x stride frequency

Stride length is a function of strength, power and flexibility.  Stability and balance are what guides the body’s ability to use power to make longer stride length.  The core controls the ability of the body to rotate the upper and lower body in all of our motions and is what allows longer strides and faster running. I ask again how important is strength training for Runners?

Strength Training Runners in 30 minutes

In the picture above I asked if you could get your week’s strength training in 30 Minutes once a week, would you?  Let me take a minute here to explain the cutting edge Technology that is now available to you here in Portland.

The bioDensity™ Machine is used to build the myofibrils in your muscle, and does not bulk you up.  It gives lean toned muscle fibers that are used in transferring power output to the ground when running.  The strength training includes the four major muscle groups in the body.  Chest, core, legs, and back muscles.

Power Plate® is whole body vibration.  Here we work with you on balance, flexibility, and core strength.  During this portion of the exercise we will focus on how the body works during running.  There will be single leg training, and opposite hip to opposite shoulder, just like we run.  We will work to involve the core so that running is controlled from the center of balance.

To answer the questions posed at the beginning.  Yes you may gain a bit of weight.  Strength Training Runners is critical to your running health.  You can get that training in a short session once a week.  It will make your running more enjoyable, and ultimately safer.