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Client Testimonials

“After spending the last year fighting breast cancer and struggling through chemotherapy I found myself worried about how I would ever get strong again. I’m so glad I found Great Bones because not only are they helping to get my strength back, but they are helping with the neuropathy. I never imagined that I could feel like this in such little time.” 

-- Lanette Spencer

Shout out from Cindy Bahl at the Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce

"I highly recommend that all of our patients with a family history of decreased bone density (i.e. osteoporosis or osteopenia) take advantage of the safe, proven, and effective training that is exclusively available at Great Bones. In my professional opinion there is no better way to maintain or even increase bone density as well as bone and muscle strength. The training is adapted to your specific needs, takes minimal time (20 minutes per week), and minimal effort (you won't even break a sweat). I feel so strongly about this fabulous service because it not only helps our patients, but because it has helped me personally. But don't take my word for it, they offer the first two sessions free so you can try it out for yourself."

-- Dr. Derek Andre, ND  Cornerstone Natural Medicine 

I have a history of knee issues, and after an hour with Martin at Great Bones, not only makes me feel like I've received a great workout, but my knee doesn't hurt at all!  Very highly recommended!! I can't wait until the next session! 

-- Jason Corona

At first glance, the power plate exercises look like a gimmick, but once you try the work out you will be hooked!  Each exercise only lasts 30 seconds, but it's a very tough half minute.  You are working every tiny muscle fiber in your body for each exercise and you come away from your work out feeling muscle fatigued but not tired.  The beauty is there is very little soreness because the power plates massage away the lactic acid at the end!  I strongly recommend this work out to anybody who is looking to increase their overall  fitness, bone density, balance and quality of life.  I look forward to my session every week!

-- Katie Hogue


Shout out by Dr. Richard Crokin of Fox Chiropractic at the Tigard Area Chamber of Commerce.

The team at Great Bones is awesome!  I have been going to them for about a month now and I feel great!  I have always been concerned about my bone health and getting strength training and this place supports both.  I love them and cannot recommend them enough!  Go see them, the first 2 appointments are free!

-- Caroline Devin

I've had four sessions at Great Bones and I love it! The individualized and focused workout is superior to any other gym experience I've had. It's awesome to see the improvement each week and I can't wait to go back. I'm already 82% stronger than I was at week one! I highly recommend Great Bones as a new workout or in addition to an existing routine. 

-- Lindsay Walsh

Amazing workout! Once a week for only 20 minutes and you are done! And your bones will thank you! My muscle strength has improved 105% in 6 weeks! Make sure to stop by! If you have bone density problems, call now and schedule your 2 free sessions! It's fun!

-- Jasmina Balogh

Every time I think of Great Bones, I smile;  it’s the most amazing technology and  you are doing so much good for people.  I’m excited to watch your business grow.

-- Elise Holcomb

I have an increase in upper body strength noted when lifting heavy things, opening jars.  Better balance noted when going about daily activities, and ability to catch myself easier if I stumble, so that I don't fall or almost fall.  Easier to get up and down from the floor, and with better balance and control.  More flexibility noted in legs.  Weaker leg and knee from old injuries is much improved.  Now able to dance without it flaring up.

 The workouts are enjoyable and  I am seeing concrete results in improved strength and balance in my daily living, as noted in previous response. (Last question)  I have worked with all three trainers, and find they know just how hard to push me so that I make steady progress but never am pushed beyond what I can do without injury. 

-- Mary Schuster

I wanted to build strength and balance while working out without weights (injuries in the past from weights).

I'm moving better and can walk more with less pain.

Phyllis is a wonderful trainer! She encourages me and makes me feel so good during the workout. I always leave with a smile!

-- Jean Sneed

Hi Art and Phyllis,

I promised you to write and tell how I am benefiting from the Power Plate. In July of 2013 I had to use a cane to get around as my legs were very weak and I had constant pain in my leg muscles, knees, and hips.  I had to "baby-step" going up and down stairs hanging of for fear of falling.  Fixing a meal or doing dishes, sorting laundry or vacuuming I would have to sit down and rest my legs every 5 minutes or so and getting very little sleep because.  I feared that by this time now I would be past a walker and in a wheel chair.  Also I was getting very little sleep as the pain followed me everywhere all the time.

Well we received our PP in mid-July after a convention where I would never made it without the cane.  3 weeks later of using the PP every 2 to 3 days we were at another convention where I walked without the cane, stood in long lines and had very little pain.  Now 6 1/2 months later not only am I sleeping full nights, getting so much done without the need to sit down every few minutes and am out in the yard working on long neglected chores.  My hair was very thin on top and it is now nice and thick again, my upper eye lids were sagging, now they are not, I can go up and down stairs in a normal way and while I do hold on to the railing I am not pausing to drag myself up each step and no more baby stepping.  I can walk farther than I have in years and my arms have so much strength now I don't have to have Roger carry the vacuum from room to room for  me and can carry full 5 gallon buckets of water and compost and tall stacks of dishes without even thinking about it. One thing that makes smile even more is I no longer wear socks to bed because my feet are nice and toasty.  Plus my long distant vision has improved and the cataract problem while still present has improved too.  Getting in and out of cars was a nightmare and now it just happens without planning how I am going to pull that one off.  While I will never enjoy grocery shopping or any other kind for that matter it is not a dreaded ordeal now.  I lift my feet when walking and have lost the shuffle.

-- Petie Smith

I’ve had severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for the past several years making it extremely difficult to exercise, so my muscles have gradually weakened and wasted over time.  Then to add insult to injury, I had an endocrine condition that leached calcium from my bones, giving me osteoporosis at an early age.  Even though the condition was corrected by surgery, I’ve struggled for the past 2 years to rebuild my bone mass to something healthy again.  I’ve done Physical Therapy, worked out at the gym, and maintained a walking program, and STILL my muscles have remained weak and atrophied, my balance and ability to respond and adapt to uneven surfaces (called proprioception) remained pretty questionable, and my bone mass remained stuck in the osteoporotic range.  During the past 7 months I’ve had 3 falls and other mishaps due to poor strength and balance, and 2 fractures due to osteoporosis.  I found that I had to be constantly aware of my feet and orientation, so I didn’t trip or turn my ankle on a pebble.  

The first thing I noticed about my initial Great Bones session was that it didn’t wear me out (like going to the gym did), and I wasn’t inordinately sore afterwards!  A couple of days later, I noticed that it was easier to go up and down the stairs and to go about my daily activities without feeling as worn out.  And my physical therapist noticed the first week that I was much stronger and that my balance and proprioception was noticeably improved.  Over the next 5 weeks, my strength, balance, and proprioception have been approaching what I would call “normal.”  My strength feels solid now, it’s easier to go about my day, and I feel as if I can adapt to uneven surfaces normally, so I don’t feel as if I have to constantly be on guard to avoid things like twisting my ankle on a pebble. 

I feel as if I’ve reached my initial Great Bones goal of increasing my muscle mass and strength, and re-establishing good balance and proprioception even in the face of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  (Now I’m excited to see what future bone density tests will say about my bone mass!)

-Dr. Janine MacDonald

 Chiropractic Physician

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